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Nothing To Setup. Ready When You Are

Every match perfects a player. Hence we’ve made every match more possible. 

Keep yourself in form with endless playing in PLAYINGA.

Built In Scoring Rules For A Variety Of Sports. Just Schedule and Score.


Simple To Organize A Game. Challenge Yourself More

With PLAYINGA, you and your teams can schedule, record and track unlimited matches apart from tournament matches! Make every game count.

Open Challenge Matches. Find Opponents In Your Neighbourhood

Schedule an open challenge match for friends and other PLAYINGA members to accept the challenge. From the list of applicants, make any one of them as the opponent for the match and play with them.

Scheduled Matches

Apart from Open Challenges, you can also directly challenge other players or teams for a match and prove your mettle. You can also schedule practice and ad hoc matches of your teams in a jiffy.

Schedule Match

Every Game Counts..

Every match has a presence in PLAYINGA. Match pages list competing teams with their characteristic identity, squad info, schedule, venue and fan strength.

Easy For You, Real-Time For Them. Built In Scoring

Score your match right from the field and automatically publish them on PLAYINGA. A lucid design and easy interface that makes scoring on the go possible with room to capture every detail of the match.

PLAYINGA’s built in scoring engine enforces sports specific scoring rules thereby preventing scoring errors. Be it any sport, score with PLAYINGA.

Match Result

Capture Everything and Analyse Anything

PLAYINGA intuitively calculates team and player specific statistics with minimal entry and no setup effort. 

For other game specific advanced statistics you can manually enter them for every match.

After every game each player’s and team’s statistics are automatically computed, aggregated and updated based on the sport.

Keep track of your performances like Pros do.

Match Statistics

Ball by Ball Scoring (Cricket Only)

Stop using painful paper scorecards and score your matches on PLAYINGA just like an international match. 

PLAYINGA auto populates player information from teams and auto populates scores and stats for every ball bowled.

Match Score On mobile



Capture the excitement of each match right from the field through text and media updates that get shared to all players and fans. Setup polls to get opinion on match progress.


Simplified rescheduling of matches. Just update the existing match details to notify all the stakeholders immediately by email.


Email notifications get shared on every update for a match including match schedule, updates and match results.

Scores are published only when all participants of the match have accepted to the final scores of the match.


Scoring is supported by members who have access to score the match..

Let's Play.