For The Player In You

Add muscle to your Player Profile with our sports social network to play more, track better, converse sports and widen your sport network.


Your Sports Identity - Player Page. 

And invite all your friends and team mates to join!
Your player profile in PLAYINGA is a dedicated space that talks about the player in you and connects you to all things that make sport interesting. 

Expand Your Sport Horizon & Play MoreEvery Game Is A Challenge

Broadcast an Open Challenge

Bored of playing with the same opponent or friends? Schedule an open challenge match to play with anyone who accepts the challenge.

Challenge An Opponent

Challenge other players or teams for a scheduled match. Play a match with your them, score and track results.

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Search & Apply To Tournaments

Tournaments in PLAYINGA are searchable. Hence, all it takes to apply for an upcoming tournament is just your player profile and a click of a button.

Join or Follow Teams

Find your favourite team so you could choose to join the team or just follow it  and never miss an update from them.

Sport Community

Locate your friends on PLAYINGA easily and network with like minded players to play more and converse sport.

Your Sports Schedule

Schedule to play and your sport calendar spontaneously starts ticking to remind you of an upcoming match along with the venue and schedule.

Track Everything and Analyze Anything. 

Exhibit Your Caliber

Showcase your abilities and let the world know the player you are, through your very own Player page that talks of your milestones and achievements.

Form Analyzer Report

With PLAYINGA, you get to see your aggregate performance over time across multiple sports that reflects your current form.

In-depth Player Stats

Exceptional performance tracking ability with in-depth game specific statistics is just what you need to advance your sporting journey.

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The Easiest Way To Keep your Sport Finances

PLAYINGA takes the stress out of invoicing so you can keep your eye on the ball.



Let the spirit of your tournament last longer through text and media feeds from players, teams and fans of your tournament from the field.


One tournament can have multiple sports and multiple divisions (Eg. U19, Mens Singles), thereby allowing you to organize championships.


PLAYINGA specifically informs the participant players & teams of the tournament progress and schedule changes.


Delegate tournament management responsibilities in the most granular ways to your organizing team.


Give your tournament sponsors the importance they need. Manage multiple sponsors across various categories.

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