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Why should you pay for having fun.

Great for sports at all levels from Amateurs to Professionals.

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For anyone to join and will always be. Forever.

The only time you will see a fee is when you join a paid team or  participate in a paid tournament. We don't charge anything for offline transactions. Also there are free plans for teams, and organizing tournaments. 

No Banners or Ads

Plans & Pricing for Sports Teams.

Our standard free version boasts everything your team needs to stay on top of things. When you are ready to take it to the next level, our premium plan will give you all the advanced features you'll want.

 Standard Plan
Premium Plan
$15 / team for 2 months
 Number Of Players (Roster Management)15 Players
 30 Players + $1 for every additional player
 Multi-Sport Team 
Match Scheduling
 Team Feeds
 Basic Team Roles (Admin, Players, Coaches, Retired)
Team Calendar
Team Statistics
Player Statistics
 Private Teams
Custom Roles & Permissions
 Brand your team page (custom branding colors, url and custom banner)
Maintain Fans Upto 1000 fans 
Maintain Team Finances (maintain team income and expenses and raise invoices)
 Setup Team Subscription (raise invoices for joining teams)
 Collect Team Payments Online (5% for INR transaction and 10% other currencies)
 Team Sponsorships
Premium team  
15$ for 2 Months

Tournament Pricing

Big Tournament Features at Real Small Prices. Starts free.

From the thrill of live in-game scoring to awarding the championship trophy at the end of the season, your sports tournaments and players will shine! We are so sure you and your players will love these features.

Standard Plan
 Professional Plan
$ 10 / Division
Premium Plan
$30 / Division
 Number Of Divisions (e.g Mens Singles, U19 etc)1 Division per tournament 10 Divisions per tournament 50 Divisions per tournament
Maximum number of participants (player, partner and team are considered as participants) 16 Participants per division 64 Participants per division1024 Participants per division
 Multi-Sport Tournament
  Customize tournament page (tournament branding, custom url)
 Manage Sponsors
Allow public registrations

Collect Registration Payments (5% for INR transaction and 10% other currencies)

 Customize Registration Form
 (10 custom fields per division)
Manage Tournament Finances
Contingent Participation (Apply as a Single team for multiple division and overall  standings across multiple divisions)
Fixtures Type (Knock-out, Groups + Play offs, Round Robin)
 Multi - Venue Scheduling and Slotting of fixtures
Email Notifications for participants as and when they progress in the tournament.
 Sport and match specific statistics (Pay per match)
Basic Standings 
 Custom Standings fields and statistics
Custom Roles & Permissions
Free$ 10 / Division
$30 / Division