Game Changing Way To Organize Tournaments/Leagues

Register participants, schedule games and send real-time updates now easier than you think!

Eliminate all administrative challenges of your tournament or league — so you can keep your eye on the ball.

Tournament Management Software

Your Tournament’s Spotlight

Display everything that's important to your league/tournament. Engage participants and followers with match information, standings and statistics in a single place.

Customize the tournament microsite to make it truly ‘yours’ - from colours to styling with no coding skill.

Access your website on any device, from desktops to mobile phones.

  • No coding required.
  • Unlimited hosting and web storage.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Choose your colour theme.
  • Show standing, results and matches.
  • Player and team statistics.
  • No advertisements.
  • Display your league sponsors.
Tournament Participants

Stress Free Registration 

Build a registration process that’s tailor-made for your tournament and generate easy-to-use forms.

Say goodbye to manual entry and hello to teams and players as they self-register.

Less Paperwork. More Registration

  • Supports multiple sports and multiple divisions within the same tournament.
  • Customizable form fields and collect right data from applicants.
  • On the spot tournament registration.
  • Collect waivers.
  • Modify application or withdraw from the event.
Tournament Registration

Money-Making Tournaments And Leagues

Collect registration fees securely using our integrated payment gateway, which will be later transferred to your account automatically.

Encourage earlier sign ups by implementing early bird discounts or late fee scenarios.

  • Online and secure.
  • Auto settlement to your bank account.
  • Setup division and tournament level registration fees.
  • Auto compute early bird and late fee pricing.
  • Accept donations and add ons.
  • Note offline payments received from applicants.
  • Collect and track taxes separately.
  • Reconcile tournament registration payments received.

Generate Fixtures For Your Tournament, Never Has It Been So Easy!

You can schedule hundreds of matches with a few clicks and PLAYINGA checks for any conflicts that might arise, such as a player playing two matches in too short of a timespan.

Moving matches is a simple as dragging and dropping them on a calendar and you’ll have all the info you need on each day of your tournament.

You have complete control over player positions, seeding placements and randomizations, byes, draw display options and more.

Keep players and teams informed of all match updates.

League / Round Robin
Knockout / Brackets
Groups + Playoffs
League / Round Robin
Round Robin or League Tournaments

Round Robin Fixture made straight forward!

Ideal for small tournaments where each participant contends in turn with every other participant. Configure multiple rounds in a jiffy

Knockout / Brackets

Knockout Fixture for you to knock it out of the park!

Classify participants into brackets of two where the winner of each bracket advances till the final match.

  • Elegant bracket design
  • Optional third-fourth place match
  • Up to 128 participants/teams
Knockout Tournaments
Groups + Playoffs
Groups + Play Offs Tournaments

Complex on paper, a breeze in PLAYINGA!

Create a first round with as many groups as you want, and have the top-ranked teams play in a final knockout stage.

Automatic Tournament Participant Progression and Standings Updation

Save time, work and effort letting automatic standings do calculations and point awarding realtime.

Standings automatically update when results are entered and approved.

Change how many points are awarded for wins, ties and loses. Customise which columns are shown and their descriptions.

Tournament Standings

Tournament Management Features

Activity Feed

Let the spirit of your tournament last longer through text and media feeds from players, teams and fans of your tournament from the field.

Multi sport - multi division

One tournament can have multiple sports and multiple divisions (Eg. U19, Mens Singles), thereby allowing you to organize championships.

Seeded players

Add fixed seed numbers to players who may pass over the first round(s).


Schedule tournament matches across multiple venues. Matches gets scheduled based on availability of slots on those venues.

nExt round prefill

Players automatically flow through to the next round when they have won their match, no need for manual activities.


Sports specific statistics gets aggregated division wise and tournament wise.


You can add custom sport specific standing points like Net Run Rate, Fair Play Points etc and enter values in each match.


Give your tournament sponsors the importance they need. Manage multiple sponsors across various categories.


PLAYINGA specifically informs the participant players & teams of the tournament progress and schedule changes.


Delegate tournament management responsibilities in the most granular ways to your organizing team.

Let's put on a great tournament together.